25 December 2011

Off the beaten track: DXing

Hello friends. After several days, I could find time to write this evening.

In one of my posts I had mentioned as to how I used to receive FM broadcasting stations from distant transmitters by fiddling around my TV and radio-receiver antennae, when working in Southern Africa.

Thanks to my Nikon TW2, I could get a snapshot of my experiment.

(Please ignore the `untidy' TV top in the pic).

11 December 2011

Off the beaten track: Total lunar eclipse

Total lunar eclipse, which took place from 6.16 to 9.48 PM last night was an important astronomical and spiritual event to Hindus. 

04 December 2011

Shaaligraama Pooja

After several weeks, I had time to perform Shaaligraama Pooja to my heart's content this morning. Even this very exeperience is difficult to  express in words. I think that such is the divine power of Shree Hari.  

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