28 January 2015

Moving on in the media wind

Many good things have happened since my past post, thanks to TV. As usual I liked to share some of these, but couldn't, due to lack of time. (Besides, I wasn't feeling well for a few days). 

On the spiritual/religious front, we had festivals (Makara Sankraanthi and Ratha Sapthami) and auspicious days (Seetha Jayanthi and Madhwa Navami).  There were classical music concerts by legendary artistes such as Dr L Subramaniam (with his wife Kavita Krishnamurthy and their children), Dr K J Yesudas etc. on some TV channels.  

On the worldly front, we had our 66th Republic Day with interesting features (some of which are routine) with the presence of Mr Modi and Mr Obama, two charismatic leaders with shared ideals. I think that our Prime Minister and the US President will join hands and work in all crucial areas of human development.   

08 January 2015

Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 2015

I have always been interested in viewing media programs on development oriented international relations. One such program is Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 2015 telecast on Bharati TV Channel (which seems to telecast highly interesting programs). The program marking Mahatma Gandhiji's return to India after 20 years of his non violent struggle against apartheid in South Africa included distinguished speakers sharing common goals. As our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi put it, I think that we all live in `Vasudeva Kudumbakam'. Interestingly the program included people of Indian origin converging in Gujarat from different countries in the global village.

(As a professional who spent a few years in South Africa, I have seen the interest shown by South Africans of Indian origin on cultural events in their country of origin). 

It was interesting to know from the speech by South Africa's external affairs Minister that today is also the anniversary of the founding of African National Congress.


03 January 2015

102nd Indian Science Congress

As I am writing this post, I am viewing the telecast of the proceedings of the 1st day of the 102nd Indian Science Congress being held in Mumbai.

Hope this year's session extends beyond ritualistic speeches and routine displays and gets into deeper aspects of how science and technology can enhance the living standards of common folk. I think that it is high time that aspects such as mobile technology and its use by small farmers and artisans, wi-fi in school classrooms and ethical aspects of working in science and technology are discussed in detail with well defined action plans.   

I think that by bringing in drastic improvement in how we run such conferences, we can enable our youngsters smell the sweet aroma of scientific works carried out by our ancestors in ancient India for the welfare and prosperity of people. This certainly requires a drastic revamp of our Teacher Education Programs and K12 School curriculum and textbooks towards quality. School Education professionals know too well as to how several education commissions and reports developed so far in our country (including the Yashpal Committe Report) have failed to bring in significant improvement in the quality of school education and teacher training. (If we had adapted the philosophy of education as proposed by great visionaries such as Mahatma Gandhi and Rabindranath Tagore, we would have probably been the most scientifically advanced country with strong ethical base).

(Even after 67 years since we got independence, most of our K-12 schools do not have well defined home work policies either because they don't have time or because ministries of education lack guidance documents. I think that it is important for educationists at different levels to work on such issues and steer our school education towards quality).   

02 January 2015

Vaikunta Ekaadashi

Yesterday was a very auspicious day for Hindus and was celebrated as Vaikunta Ekaadashi.

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