21 June 2015

Marketing morality

Many of us buy things based upon media commercials or friends' advice. Sometimes both of these can mislead us. We realize this when we acquire first hand experience. 

I subscribed to TATA Sky connection a few years back since which time there has always been a reception problem whenever the whether is cloudy (irrespective of whether it rains or not).  TATA Sky promptly asks viewers to "wait until the weather clears". But invariably reception isn't usually restored even hours after the weather clears. 
  As my TV doesn't work, I have been listening to a spiritual discourse by Shri Shri Satyatma Thirtharu online. As I am typing this post listening to a marvelous description of how Shree Hari enables rainfall to take place through His different forms as quoted in the Vedaas, thousands of years back, my net connection gets cut frequently.  

I think that consumer oriented companies should follow principles of morality as their priority in marketing. Otherwise, their much talked about `zero tolerance' has no meaning.  

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