03 November 2017

Day before yesterday was a very auspicious day for Vaishnavites.  This day is known as 'Uththaana Dwaadashi'. This day is important in many aspects. One of them is the Divine Wedding between Kaarthika Daamodaraa (Manifestation of Shree Hari in this Kaarthika month) and Tulasi Devi (Holy Basil plant manifestation of Shree Mahaa Lakshmi). Devotees, particularly home makers, worship Tulasi Daamodaraaa in the evening on this day.

I fondly remember my beloved mother who used to perform daily Tulasi Pooja almost regularly and special Poojaas on important days such as day before yesterday.

Let me share a photograph of one such pooja performed by my beloved mother. I and my sister are in the photograph. My beloved father had taken the photo.

Attitudinal dislocation in Government Offices

In my previous post written this morning, I mentioned about the lack of response by AADHAAR office on my application for change of address.

Later in the afternoon at 2.24 pm I received an sms that my application is rejected due to "invalid documents" despite the fact that the supporting documents that I sent are 100% valid and as per the Government rules and regulations.

I think that someone in AADHAAR office may also be expecting a bribe from me just like someone in the police department, to do the work and help a law abiding citizen. I never bribe any one to get my work done. It doesn't matter if I don't get my AADHAAR card in time. I have decided to sue the AADHAAR office in court if there is a need.

(By the way, many years back one of my former colleagues in a high school told me as to how she obtained her B.Ed. degree from Annamalai University by bribing Rs. 6000 through a middle man who was a physical education teacher in the school. I don't understand how such teachers can impart values in children. During the same period, Madurai Kamaraj University officials expected Rs. 10,000 from me, to receive my M.Ed. degree though I had cleared both the theory and project parts of the course according to rules and regulations. Obviously I didn’t get my degree and I don't regret for having done so. I have mentioned about the harassment meted out to me by the University in an earlier post. It is a disgrace that even education imparting organisations are filled with corrupt people).

It is high time that corrupt officials are dismissed and replaced by honest ones in all offices.
It is nearly two weeks since I applied for a change in my residential address incorporated in my AADHAAR card.

As the Govt. website didn’t function in my mobile phone, I had to apply through a nearby browsing centre. I haven't got any response from AADHAAR so far.

I think that our Central Government should consider those areas of development that have direct impact on the well being of common folk rather than spend tax payers' money on Bullet Trains (in a situation where our coventional Train Systems seem to  be running at loss according to media reports).

31 October 2017

Koti Deepotsavam's programme of this evening, as I view it, includes the recital of Hanumaan Chaaleesaa  (40 verses of Hanumaanjee in praise of Lord Shree Raam and his consort Seethaa Devi) by a very popular Telugu gentleman who usually sings it in Telugu. His scteenshot as seen on Bhakti TV is as shown below. (I forgot his name).

I fondly remember my beloved mother who used to listen to his renderings. (Many years back when she was healthy and had time, she used to recite Hanumaan Chaaleesaa regularly).
Past week passed on with a good note as far as Indian sports is concerned with laurels won by our hockey team and by Kidambi Srikanth (in badminton).

They deserve praise and encouragement so that their motivation and hard work are sustained.

29 October 2017

Koti Dheepotsavam

As I write this post, I have the joy of listening to a brief speech by my favourite spiritual speaker Shree Chaganti Koteshwara Rao at the Koti Deepotsavam Venue, Hyderabad. (I have mentioned about this Fest earlier on a few occasions).

As I experience Divine Joy by viewing Shree Chaganti Koteshwara Rao's speech,  I fondly remember my beloved mother but for whom I wouldn't have known about spiritual people such as Chaganti Koteshwara Rao.

Edible embroidery

As someone used to delicious, non-spicy, hygienic vegetarian eatables since childhood, I tried to order a few snacks online recently.

Although there are excellent manufacturers such as Udupi Ruchi and Sree Krishna Sweets who also supply the items to customers, they accept online payment via debit or credit card but not via net banking in which I am relatively comfortable.

I fondly remember my beloved mother who used to make snacks such as murukku, masterpieces of edible embroidery.

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