21 October 2021

Bill Clinton's recovery

It was nice to hear that Bill Clinton, former US President, got recovered from a urological infection and discharged from the hospital. Best wishes to him and his dedicated wife Hillary Clinton.

20 October 2021

Nostalgic memories

As usual, it was nice to view my favorite TV Channels and programs such as Guru Kaarshnee Yamunaa Aarthi in Brindavan followed by divine lectures of Shree Sharananandji Maharaj on Ashtha Channel,  David Rocco's 'Dolce Africa' featuring Lalibela in Ethiopia on BBC Earth and a plane journey in Bhutan with Captain Kenga Tshering taking us to and from Paro airport (which was was under construction when I and my friends used to pass through, on our way to Paro Post office and back, on some afternoons after school) on BBC Earth, in the past few days. Some of these bring nostalgic memories.

09 October 2021

9 Nights and 10 days Fest

Past Tuesday night and the next day morning marked the beginning of the holy 9 nights festival known as Nava raathri and the 10 days Fest known as Dusaraah in Bhaarath (India). During this period, special worship is done to Shree Mahaa Lakshmi and Shree Mahaa Vishnu, Shree Durga and Shree Rudra, and Shree Saraswathi and Shree Brahmaa respectively.

07 October 2021

Shree Krishna Chandra Shastriji

It was joy to listen to 'Shree Bhaagavath Venu Geeth' discourse by Poojyashree Krishna Chandra Shastriji on my favourite Ashthaa TV channel this morning. He was explaining the sacredness of Brindaavan, the holy land where Shree Krishna performed His numerous Divine Acts. A solace to a troubled mind.

02 October 2021

Gandhi Jayanthi

Today is the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhiji, known as father of our nation 'Bhaarath'.

25 September 2021

Food manufacturing double standards

Like most consumers, I had always been fond of snacks such as Brittania Biscuits, Cadburies Milk Chacolate, Lays Chips and Maggi Noodles. A few days back my brother forwarded a Utube video on WhatsApp. That was the end of my road to such snacks. I have stopped buying such snacks.

This video brought out some shocking facts about consumer food items that are sold in our country after getting labelled as vegetarian products as stipulated by the Guidelines of FSSAI. The presenters of the video say that Companies use non-vegetaran items as Emulsifiers and Acidity Regulators when manufactuing their products. Although they do mention these by code numbers, they don't list these conspicuous substance/s in the 'Ingradients' section of their products. 

However what is mentioned in the video may or may not be true. But when analysing the food manufacturing scenario in our country, I think that the contents in the video are true.

I think that our Central and State Governments should look into this issue seriously and ban Companies from manufacturing and marketing non-vegetarian products as vegetarian.

I deleted the Utube video as soon as I got the relevant information. Probably readers of my post may find the video from Google Search.

Divine Discourses

As I type this post, by God's Grace, I derive joy by viewing one of the many Divine Discourses given by learned Pundits under the auspices of Narayan Seva Sansthan. This morning's program is being delivered by Shree Ramakanth Vyas Ji.

20 September 2021

PM's birthday

I had forgotten that 17 September was the birthday of Shree Narendra Modiji, our Prime Minister. I join numerous people in wishing him a long and happy life.

18 September 2021

Vaamana Fest

Today is an auspicious day in the Hindu Calender. This was the day on which Shree Mahaa Vishnu incarnated as Vaamanaa billions of years back.

17 September 2021

My mother's birthday

Today is the birthday of my mother, according to the English Calender. My father's birthday was on 13 September according to the English Calender.

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