24 September 2017

Nine Divine Nights Fest

Navaraathri festival began on last Thursday according to Hindu Calender.  In Sanskrit, 'nava' and 'raathri' mean nine and night respectively.  I  have mentioned about the spiritual significance of this Fest in my earlier posts.

17 September 2017

My beloved mother's birthday

According to the English calender, today is the birthday of my beloved mother. I fondly remember her.

14 September 2017

Computer Aided Chaos

A few days back I received a text message that my Aadhaar card would be sent to me and that I can access it from their website a link of which was included in the message.

But when I tried to access it, even the enrolment number was not displayed properly (for example when I typed '4321', it displayed '1234').

I have experienced similar problems when trying to renew my passport and driving licence on line.

None of the Government websites seem to be consumer friendly.

It is nice to hear Government plans to digitalise our country but the reality is different.

It is important that efficient work ethics is instilled in employees in all Government offices. One of the best ways to do this would be to incorporate stringent recruitment and Performance Appraisal mechanisms consistently.

13 September 2017

Crime in K-12 School Systems

Nowadays TV and newspapers are flooded with news about child abuse. What is shocking is the pace at which crimes increase, including those in our K-12 School Systems.

We can easily find that our Police and Judiciary are not effective enough even after culprits are identified on solid evidence. 

Situation will improve only if culprits are sentenced to death or at least life imprisonment without any VIP benefits or any form of leniency.  This is the only way to instil a fear in evil people so that they don't even imagine committing crimes. 

My beloved father's birthday

Today is the 95th birthday of my beloved dad according to the Western calender.  I fondly remember him (and my beloved mom).

04 September 2017

Onam Fest

Today is celebrated as Onam by people in Kerala and Malayaalees all over the world.  I have mentioned about the spiritual aspect of the Fest in an earlier post. My best wishes for a happy Onam to Jose, Sreejith and other Malayaalee friends.

30 August 2017

Pre-conceived fantasies and Public policies

This afternoon, I heard a news report on Podhigai TV about NIIT Aayog's proposal for private public partnership in K-12 sector. Any right minded, honest and dedicated School Education Management Professional without vested interests would know that this proposal is based on a very commonly (and WRONGLY) perceived notion that private schools are better than government schools in India in terms of quality. There are exceptions, but these are very small in proportion.

In the same bulletin, there was a news report that those who drive without valid licence would have to pay a fine of Rs 500 or undergo one week's imprisonment or both, according to Tamilnadu Government rules. I think that the punishment is very very negligible considering the arrogant or corrupt attitudes of people, value of money and the 'VIP' status accorded in prisons by corrupt officials. Any kind of punishment should be severe enough  so that culprits never even imagine committing such offence/s again.

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