16 August 2018

In the past few days, two legendary men passed away: Sir V S Naipaul and Shree Atal Bihari Vajpayee. 

Many of V S Naipaul's writings gave a snapshot account of issues involved in immigrant communities, particularly those of Indian origin in Trindidad. 'A House for Mr Biswas' for which the acclaimed won the Nobel Prize, was not only a novel but also somewhat like a lesson to many youngsters who struggled to handle problems involving immigrant communities from traditions point of view.

Mr Vajpayee's popularity stemmed from his simplicity and honesty. I think that the the time period when he served as Foreign Minister in the cabinet of Shree P V Narasimha Rao (another honest politician) will be remembered by all patriotic Indians.    

I think that these men will be remembered by numerous people for years to come. 

20 July 2018

It was great joy in viewing Shree Bhupendra Bhai Pandyaji's Scriptural Discourse on Sanskar TV Channel this morning after a long time.

17 July 2018

Birth centenary of Dr Nelson Mandela

It was a pleasure to view the Nelson Mandela birth centenary speech by Mr Barack Obama, former US President, in Johannesburg, on BBC World, today.

It is rare to come across inspirational leaders like Nelson Mandela, Rev Dr Martin Luther King and our own Mahatma Gandhi.

Sometimes these leaders are placed on par with self centred politicians . It is a well known fact that Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela were proud to follow Gandhian principles unlike in the case of dubious politicians like K Kamaraj, former Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, who was believed to be a Gandhian, though it was an open secret that he could not resist the temptation of eating chicken curry even in public luncheons and was instrumental in oppressing people of certain castes in Tamilnadu, during his regime. His skewed grudge based policies were followed by other political parties as well resulting in nasty public administration governance permeating across all Tamil Nadu State Government regimes except that under the leadership of Dr MGR.

07 July 2018

People centered Governance

While our Central Government seems to be doing well in many development areas, I think that it is high time that the Government should consider law and order as 1st priority. 

It is still common to hear criminals being acquitted, given bail etc with no valid reason. This is obviously because of corrupt police officers and judges (Though honest officers are there in Police and Judiciary, there contribution is overshadowed by others). It is very high time that corrupt officials in Police and Judiciary are given very severe punishment including irreversible life imprisonment or death penalty.

Similarly, criminal friendly advocates who defend criminals in our courts of law should also be given very severe punishment. If they are merely banned from practising their profession, they can still influence and mislead the judiciary processes in the wrong manner. If I remember it correctly, many years back Ram Jethmalani, a senior advocate in the Supreme Court, defended the person who assassinated our former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. While I am not saying that what Mrs Gandhi had done was right or wrong, what I do say is that any murderer should not be defended just because the concerned lawyer could gain more money, popularity or both. I think that this Ram Jethmalani was also made a Minister in a former BJP regime. 

Any advocate who defends criminals or people who go against dhaarmic principles (law) should be accorded irreversible life imprisonment or death penalty. Once this happens lawyers will also be cautious not to practice in the wrong way.   

06 June 2018

Yesterday there was a TV news report that the Tamil Nadu Government is going to release life imprisonment convicts on a day of national importance (the date of which I don't remember). Due to some problem my TV doesn't work since this afternoon (though this has nothing to do with payment as I am always prompt in payments and I have paid to TATA SKY for a year's connection). Hence I can't find the date and occasion on which these criminals will be released.  

All of us Indians know that this is not the first time that such a thing happens. I think that such moves are very bad as these criminals will continue their evil works after they get released. I think that our Governments and political parties should not be allowed to do any thing that they like for selfish reasons if their wrong action can cause problems to common folk.

People of my age may remember that in Tamil Nadu, it was only during the time duration when Mr MGR's was the chief minister that such wrong actions were not taken and that during DMK regime such actions were common. 

27 May 2018

Nearly three months back I had mentioned that my cousin (my maternal aunt's son) Shreedhar was recovering from an illness after discharge from the hospital. Nearly two months back, he passed away. I fondly remember him. 

01 May 2018

Indian pride at the Commonwealth Games 2018

It was nice to know that sportsmen and women from our country brought laurels to our country at a far higher level than ever before in the recent  Commonwealth Games held in Australia. I think that our Prime Minister and his team needs to be thanked for all the encouragement and facilities accorded to deserving people from all walks of life. 

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