30 June 2013

History TV18 and The Eagles

On past Friday and Saturday, History TV18 telecast a 2 episodes show on `The Eagles', one of the most famous rock music bands of the '70s and '80s. I'm sure it would have brought back acoustic memories of `Wood Stock' reflecting psychedelic lighting, flamboyant musicians and electric guitars to numerous people of my age group who were in their 20s and 30s then. That was a time when hippie cult was popular among youngsters in general and drug addicted guys and gals in particular, with many of them turning towards spirituality. Probably that was the time when West to East migration was at its maximum.

I was so interested in the band's music that I used some of their songs with good lyrics in my ESL classes.         

As I write this post, though my Googling `The Eagles' isn't difficult, downloading their videos or songs certainly is (due to the limited digital capability of my humble notebook).

As all Western rock music fans would know, it is not uncommon to find numerous bands performing not only their own songs but also those by popular bands such as The Eagles. Let me leave you with a rendering of `Hotel California' (which propelled The Eagles to popularity) by one such rock band.

29 June 2013

UNESCO World Heritage Session in Phnom Penh

UNESCO World Heritage Committee's 37th session was held from 16 to 27 June in Cambodia. Hope you like the webcast of the sessions that includes Cambodian music performed by popular local artistes. Some of these songs took me on a nostalgic virtual journey to Phnom Penh and other places in Cambodia. Hope you like them too. 

02 June 2013

Newspaper nuisance

I find Sunday supplements of newspapers to be more interesting than newspapers themselves because of less political content and commercials. But nowadays even these seem to be deteriorating in standards with meaningless write ups such as this one.  

01 June 2013

Sometimes people don't like us when we they do something wrong and we tell them that what they do is wrong. I think that this is true with all effective principals. However, I think that some times school principals need to be tough if school quality is to be maintained. It is interesting to read a Fiji based newspaper report that endorses my viewpoint. 

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