26 August 2011

Off the beaten track: Chaotic commercials

As I don't own a TV in Gujarat (I don't have much time to watch TV), it is a welcome change for me to watch good programmes (spiritual and classical) on TV back home. It's great that such programmes are aired.

Coming to TV commercials, I don't really understand as to the relevance of high speed commercials as a viable marketing strategy. Today, in BBC World, there was a commercial from a datacard manufacturing company.  The commercial goes like this: a lady gets caught in a fire accident and self-drives her car very speedily to the nearest fire station at which time she also communicates using a datacard. However, I didn't see her operating her computer keyboard (or mouse) at any point in the clipping. Assuming that she did work on her keyboard or mouse, I wonder as to how she can `multi-task' so efficiently in such a situation.

Any how, as I myself use the above mentioned product for the past one year, I am convinced that it is a quality product.

25 August 2011

Off the beaten track: Timely taxi to troublesome trolley

Yesterday, I flew home on a few days' leave from my work in Gujarat. Like in past January, this time  too it was a pleasant travel from Vadodara to Ahmedabad airport, thanks to Manojbhai, the call taxi  operator for timely service, and from there to Madras, thanks to cordial staff of Indigo Airlines at Ahmedabad and on board the flight.

Three airhostesses who were checking our boarding passes, greeting passengers on entering the plane and expressing thanks when we were leaving the plane at the end of our flight, displayed impressively good manners. When my turn came, I could hear them adding `Sir' after greeting and thanking respectively. Even if they had done their `duty' without addressing me with respect, they would not have had anything to lose. But still, they carried out their responsibility beyond the normal `duty' level. I think that these youngsters inherit such good values from their parents and grandparents. Hope this tradition continues.

The only problem which I faced surfaced at Madras airport, where the trolleys work only when their handles are pushed down (which translated into an overnight long pain in the arm). It would be better if the airport authorities replace the trolleys so that non-athletic passengers like me can be pain free.

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