28 October 2014

I'm glad to be back after a few days of severe sore-throat, cold and mild fever from which I have recovered completely by His Grace.

There had been very important events that included our Hindu Fest `Deepaavali' (Festival of Lights), Lakshmi Pooja etc. I have mentioned about these in my posts somewhere around this time last year. 

There had also been very interesting but often unnoticed bits and pieces of our flora and fauna near my residence. I'll share them with you when I find time.  Thanks and wish you all the best until we meet next time on this blog. 

16 October 2014

The Beatles in History

I assume that many among us (including those who read a lot) seem to prefer watching TV to reading, as the farmer is easier. 

Though Spiritual and Classical Music programs are my most favorite TV, I continue watching programs in other areas like development, education and soft rock when I find time. 

Last week, there was a very interesting program on History TV 18 Channel as a tribute to The Beatles, my most favorite pop music group. It was Grammy's `Salute' to The Beatles and featured Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, two of the members of the famous `Fab Four'. I think that the program would have taken numerous fans like me on a nostalgic journey back in time! Songs such as `Get back' and `Hey Jude' were absolutely mesmerizing (though I don't like some of the lyrics of `Hey Jude' as they seem to be obscene to me). It is amazing how Beatles and their music continue to attract youngsters of today as they did 40 years back (at which time we used to enjoy singing their songs). 

I tried to provide a link to the program, but couldn't. However let me share a TV screenshot of the program as seen on my TV set.

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