11 September 2012

Hinduism in Trinidad and Tobago

In my earlier posts I had mentioned as to how Hindus of Indian origin living in very distant countries continue their customs and traditions. Let me take you on a virtual journey to Dattapeetam, founded by Shri Ganapathi Sachithananda Swamiji in Trinidad. (Local Hindus consider their River Aripo somewhat like how we consider our Holy River Ganga). Hope you like it.

08 September 2012

Hope you like reading my posts.

I'll be joining the India Office of  a US based K-12 Educational Software Company in the coming week. Though I'll be working at home office setting from my residence in Madras (Chennai), I'll be at my PC full-time (usually longer than 9 to 5 as expected by my employer so that I and my MD can interact via video conferencing etc, which is quite normal at Senior Management positions). This means that the only spare time available would be during weekends. I like to use significant part of  weekends in performing Pooja in our Pooja room (besides daily Sandhyaavandanam/s and Japa) and the remaining part in reading my favourite newspaper columns and watching my favourite TV programmes (which are really very few) some times using my datacard and trustworthy notebook .

(I think that my new job would probably be strenuous to some extent).

I'll continue writing whenever I find time. Thanks. 

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