26 December 2015

From Jazz festival to Jos

It is rather very difficult to come across melodious music in an ocean of deafening hifi music in any kind of media today. But, sometimes there are exceptions. One such is right at present, as I am writing this post, with NDTV Prime TV Channel telecasting a music performance by a Hungarian group known as The Smarton Trio at Nehru Park, Delhi. Their melodious music using just three instruments viz. guitar, drums and bass is simply superb and shows the metamorphosis that Jazz music itself has undergone over the past few decades. Thanks to The Smarton Trio for their fusion of jazz, soul, pop and hippie rock. 

Well, talking about changes, some of us are a bit slow in accepting them. (For instance I have still not replaced my conventional mobile phone by a smart phone though I know well that the latter will certainly be more effective). It was nice to hear from my good friend Jos last night that he has got into smartphone format already.

Once again, best wishes for a merry Xmas and a happy New Year to Jos (and all my Christian friends).       

Vaikunta Ekaadashi

21st of this month was a very auspicious day for Hindus as it was Vaikunta Ekaadashi.

12 December 2015

Pandyaaji and Parikrama

After 12 days of electronic oblivion (due to heavy rains and aftermath) in the city, it was great watching Shree Bhupendrabhaiji Pandya on Sanskar TV Channel yesterday afternoon. Filled with apt emotion, he was explaining the meeting of Sudhaamaa and Lord Krishnaa. I have always liked Mr Pandya's discourses for their meaning and his excellent language.

This morning, as I was browsing the TV channels I bumped in to one that telecast a heavy metal rock music performance by a Delhi based rock (fusion) group known as `Parikrama'. Though I have never liked heavy metal rock, some of these songs had a soft tone qualifying them to be labelled soft rock. The band took me back to 1985 when I used to visit a nearby restaurant in Kochi to eat my favorite cheese sandwich and sip my cup of strong coffee and listen to live rendering by some local soft rock band or the other.     

Rain rain go away

After nearly a fortnight, here is Chennai gradually restoring its normalcy. Many people lost their lives; many more lost their material belongings; many many more lost their normal lifestyle. Thanks to media, Government Agencies, NGOs and individuals who seemed to have worked hard to help the poor and the needy setting aside their differences. This was also a time for people like me to remember the oft-forgotten fact that God is Great. 

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