26 August 2011

Off the beaten track: Chaotic commercials

As I don't own a TV in Gujarat (I don't have much time to watch TV), it is a welcome change for me to watch good programmes (spiritual and classical) on TV back home. It's great that such programmes are aired.

Coming to TV commercials, I don't really understand as to the relevance of high speed commercials as a viable marketing strategy. Today, in BBC World, there was a commercial from a datacard manufacturing company.  The commercial goes like this: a lady gets caught in a fire accident and self-drives her car very speedily to the nearest fire station at which time she also communicates using a datacard. However, I didn't see her operating her computer keyboard (or mouse) at any point in the clipping. Assuming that she did work on her keyboard or mouse, I wonder as to how she can `multi-task' so efficiently in such a situation.

Any how, as I myself use the above mentioned product for the past one year, I am convinced that it is a quality product.

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