04 February 2013

Choreography, Concepts and the Collaborative Classroom

It was a delight to watch an interesting program on Gyan Dharshan  TV channel during lunch this afternoon. It featured a Physics Professor (from some North American University) giving a lec-dem on how Physics concepts can be taught using dance forms including ballet. (I tried to provide a link to the program but was not able to access it from the website easily). 

It reminded me of my (i) Physics classrooms in different countries and (ii) Teacher Development Workshops which I used to conduct when I worked in the Southern India Regional Office of Macmillan India Limited.

Choreography can be a very effective resource in teaching not only Physics but also other subjects across the curriculum including Mathematics.  It is important that our teacher training programs include informal resources such as dignified dance forms, sports, stories etc . Hope you like this article.  
(I'm experiencing a problem in formatting the last paragraph. Please bear with it).

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