03 March 2013

Memoir of music from Mumbai to Mekelle

I think that people of my age normally like good songs of the 1960s. Thanks to the Internet, the BBC and my simple and trustworthy Acer Notebook, I could take a few minutes of very nostalgic virtual journey and listen to a few good old Bollywood songs of the '60s on this channel. `B' stands for Bombay, currently known as Mumbai.

In 1982, I and a few fellow Indian friends went to watch a Bollywood movie  called `Noori' in a cinema hall in Mekelle, Ethiopia. Indian movies were very popular all over Ethiopia at that time. As it was the norm in those days, most of our film songs were melodious and some, meaningful. As we were engrossed in the movie, I felt as if someone was scratching my leg. This had been happening for several microseconds until I myself realised the problem: the guy (a fellow Indian teacher) sitting next to me was so overwhelmed by the movie that it didn't strike to him that he was scratching my leg instead of his, until I alerted him!

Let me leave you with an Ethiopian song with nice music (I don't know the meaning of the lyrics of the song). Hope you too like the music.

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