28 April 2013

Truth, Technology and TV Reports

Many years back, people believed media reports to be authentic. Over the years, with drastic changes in the media scenario at a global level how authentic are media in terms of their reports?

This afternoon, a weather report telecast on BBC TV just before `Dateline', a Sunday program beginning at 0830 UTC, listed a rainy Chennai at 37 degree C. But in reality, there are no rains at all since this morning. 

As I am typing this post, with the wall clock showing 0230 IST (0900 UTC), it is very sunny and warm, as can be inferred from the following photograph of our backyard taken from my room:

Besides, the city's temperature and humidity as measured by my ever friendly (and reliable) thermometer-hygrometer in my room are as shown below:

As there is a power cut, there is no electricity for the past one hour. In other words, the instrument shown above is placed in non-AC surrounding.

Are our weather reports on TV reliable enough? I really don't know and probably, you too. 

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