06 October 2013

Oasis in the media desert

In the current TV media scenario, an obvious fact is that the proportion of cultural and spiritual programs is small.This morning, Ashta channel telecast a very thought provoking program featuring the spiritual master Jaggi Vasudev.

He explained as to how imagination is not a substitute for experience. Many of us make wrong assessments about people because of relying on what others say and not from own experience. He stressed on the need to enjoy the tree and not just its fruits and observed how this is lacking today. (For example a wife who dislikes her husband but not the money and material comforts provided by him or a husband who dislikes his wife but not the home-making support that she offers). As Sadguru said, in such conditions, our perceptions will not be correct.  

I have always liked his mesmerizing speeches for their simplicity and deep meaning.

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