04 March 2015


I usually make it a point to see that the last TV program that I watch every day is a spiritual one. For the past few months, this program had been `Sampoorna Ramayanam' discourse by Mr Chaganti Koteswarararao on Bhakthi TV Channel. I am sure that numerous fans of Chaganti gaaru will miss this highly enriching discourse that came to an end day before yesterday. 

Coming to Raamaayanaa, there was a Global Raamayanaa Conference held in Bangalore in January. In this context, I recollect how Cambodian people still cherish this epic as shown in their TV channels (Thanks to Classical Dance Companies such as Apsara). 

When thinking about Cambodia, it was nice to receive a phone call from Murugesh, one of my good friends. He was a manager in `Annam', a popular Indian restaurant in Phnom Penh.  I remember their 100% veg food items prepared in utensils allocated exclusively for cooking and storing veg food items as requested by me. I used to carry these food items during my travels out of Phnom Penh, on work. 

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