14 November 2015

This morning when I visited my profile at Linkedin website, I was shocked to find my profile photograph displayed near a link to a Company the name of which was displayed as `Edmentum'. In addition to this, when I clicked on my photo, it took me to a page with more details about this Company. I am shocked because I neither work for nor represent this Company (or any other Company). Probably this Company is run by a fraudulent guy who used to run a K-12 Assessment Company based in the US with an office in Noida, near New Delhi. He cheated me by not paying my salary for a few months. I lodged a complaint with Noida Police in vain. This happened a few years back. A few months back I sent a reminder to the Police with a request to Delhi Chief Minister's Office to do justice. But still I have not got any response.  (The name of the guy who ran the Company is still featured on facebook and his profile displays that he got educated at Columbia University). (A few years back I had a similar unpleasant experience). I'll complain to LinkedIn about this. If I don't get a swift response, I intend deleting my profile from LinkedIn as I don't think that I can waste my time complaining in vain.

Technology is useful to a large extent but not in the hands of wrong people. 

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