22 August 2016

Bringing up children now and then (years back)

This morning in his discourse, an ISKCON Mumbai aacharya mentioned as to how important it is for mothers to train children to respect their fathers. Yes indeed, it used to be like this when we were young.

It was around 2 PM on a hot day in March 1971. When I returned home from college after writing my 1st day's exam related to my B Sc Degree, I realised that I had dropped my hall-ticket unknowingly either in the bus or at the bus stops.  My father got very angry because I was careless and asked me to search for the hall-ticket and said that I could have my lunch only after I brought back my hall-ticket though my mother requested for a less stringent punishment. I couldn't disobey my father's order. I searched at the bus-stops, but in vain. Due to exhaustion I couldn't prepare for my next day's exam as well as I had expected.  But still it was important that my father's order had to be obeyed.

My parents, like many parents in my generation, were strict when it came to children's behaviour. Like many good mothers of those days, my mother too  had always tried to convince us that our father was right and that we needed to respect our father and obey him.

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