14 November 2016

Soft rock and The Smarton Trio

As I am writing this post I am watching a very nice musical rendezvous presented by The Smarton Trio from Budapest on NDTV Prime channel. There's is a nice rendering of songs and instrumentals. It's a pleasure listening to low decibel non hifi hippie-rock after a long time. The program took me back to my college days when I used to complete my post lunch physics lab early and rush back home to listen to softrock. I remember rock concerts of the late '60s in general and events like Woodstock fest in particular, with nostalgia.

I am sure that many people of my age group would remember the negative aspects of Hippie movement. The movement gave some opportunity to people like me to share our viewpoints with fellow youth and caution them on the negative consequences of the `hippie cult' through youth magazines.  One such magazine was `Friends', published by Salesian Institute of Graphic Arts in Chennai. Its November 1969 (or November 1970) contained my short write up `Hippies, hypocrisy and happiness'.

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