03 November 2017

Attitudinal dislocation in Government Offices

In my previous post written this morning, I mentioned about the lack of response by AADHAAR office on my application for change of address.

Later in the afternoon at 2.24 pm I received an sms that my application is rejected due to "invalid documents" despite the fact that the supporting documents that I sent are 100% valid and as per the Government rules and regulations.

I think that someone in AADHAAR office may also be expecting a bribe from me just like someone in the police department, to do the work and help a law abiding citizen. I never bribe any one to get my work done. It doesn't matter if I don't get my AADHAAR card in time. I have decided to sue the AADHAAR office in court if there is a need.

(By the way, many years back one of my former colleagues in a high school told me as to how she obtained her B.Ed. degree from Annamalai University by bribing Rs. 6000 through a middle man who was a physical education teacher in the school. I don't understand how such teachers can impart values in children. During the same period, Madurai Kamaraj University officials expected Rs. 10,000 from me, to receive my M.Ed. degree though I had cleared both the theory and project parts of the course according to rules and regulations. Obviously I didn’t get my degree and I don't regret for having done so. I have mentioned about the harassment meted out to me by the University in an earlier post. It is a disgrace that even education imparting organisations are filled with corrupt people).

It is high time that corrupt officials are dismissed and replaced by honest ones in all offices.

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