15 January 2012

Culture and arts in K-12 curriculum

If you turn the pages of K-12 curriculum documents of many coutries, you can find a close knit connection between their culture, arts and the school curriculum.

With the absense of value education and arts periods in many of our schools, it is not only important to develop quality curricula but also lesson materials connected to our Indian culture, traditions and art forms across subjects.

I had always tried to use our cultural traditions and art forms including choreography when teaching different subjects in my classrooms. My students not only understood lesson concepts well but also developed an appreciation for art forms such as this one.

In today's global context, it is important to impart culture and arts based education by using resources from other countries as well such that they can help children to appreciate cultural fusion.

(It seems that our textbooks have made a beginning in this direction by using articles such as mine as shown below.

But when textbook publishers use any external material, it is basic etiquette to  quote the source as well  as the author, unlike what Tamilnadu Government Textbook Corporation did when using my material in the textbook, relevant pages of which are shown below).

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