14 April 2012

Off the beaten track: Saturday musing

On a Sunday in the 1960s when I was studying in the middle school, as I was fiddling the knob of our `radio' (a common household gadget as shown below), I bumped into BBC World Service by sheer chance.

This sparked off my sustained interest in their programmes.

I remember how I used to enjoyed cooking as well as listening to BBC broadcasts, during all those years which I had spent abroad. For obvious reasons, I preferred using my shortwave receiver (SONY ICF 7600DA shown below) to my TV when cooking.

My interest in BBC programmes continues to this day, though at a lower level.   

I like watching specfic programmes such as `Click online' by choice as well as those (such as this afternoon's `Inside Facebook') into which I bump by chance. 

Though 3 to 3.30 PM (IST) is not my usual time to watch TV, today I enjoyed watching `Inside Facebook' mainly because I had incidentally got a new facebook account opened this morning (at around 8 AM IST). (I had deleted my previous account a few months back, as the advertisements in its home page made me feel uncomfortable).

Today's experience with the BBC documentary and my page at facebook seem to suggest that facebook will continue to be useful as it used to be, not only to me but also to numerous facebook followers at large.   

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