17 April 2012

Quality aspects of School Education in India

The Right to Education Act which came into being two  years back, and the recent Supreme Court ruling seem to  have generated a lot of discussions and debates over the issue. 

Though I don't have time to write as to how schools and departments of education can handle the issue, I do find time to keep myself informed of diverse views on the issue when reading my morning newspaper, watch TV or academic surf.

This morning, I happened to read a very interesting and thought provoking article based on facts. (I have mentioned an article written by the same author, Aruna Sanakaranarayanan, in one of my previous posts too).

Individual schools having an important role to play when it comes to ensuring quality in their systems, I think that the objectives of the RTE can certainly be met by involving all stakeholders actively in the implementation process.

As concerned Government Departments and Private Schools work on the issue, it is high time that our Syllabus Boards come up with better syllabi, by replacing quantity with quality. I think that we have a lot  to learn from curricular reforms in other countries.

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