17 August 2012

Shelter from showers on slim shoulder

By God's Grace, since Gokulaashtami, we have been experiencing some showers (rains) in the city. Hope we have more showers so that the city's problem of drinking water can be reduced.  

(When thinking about rains, I am reminded of an interesting definition of `umbrella' in Reader's Digest, in one of its `humour' columns, when I was a school boy in the mid '60s. The definition was as follows: An umbrella is a shelter for two but a showerbath for three).

In practice, most umbrellas have always been a shelter for one. Pehaps RD needed to refine and define.

Many people prefer umbrellas to raincoats. The only problem with an umbrella is that we can easily forgot to carry it everytime we go from one place to another. Well, it is nice for thin built people like me, to place it on our shoulder like a shirt on a shirt hanger. I always carry an umbrella with a curved handle.

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