04 August 2015

Oasis in the media desert

I have always thought that common audio-visual media cover far too low programs that are really value based. Probably, many people of my age and older also think the same way. Well, thanks to all those people who do continue to produce good programs.  One such program was a documentary on Mahatma Gandhi this morning around 11 AM IST on History TV 18 Channel. Well presented by Mishal Hussain, the documentary reminded of my visit to places like Gandhi Ashram in Phoenix near Durban and Pietermaritzburgh railway station nearly 20 years back when I was teaching in a high school in the North West Province.  

Like most visitors from India, I  was keen in taking snapshots, thanks to my Nikon TW2. But unfortunately, my camera got dropped (due to my carelessness) and the film roll fell out! (I wish technological development in visual arts had a swifter pace then so that we could have carried our mobile cameras with far less scope of losing record of memorable places). 

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