10 August 2015

Requirements of Spiritual Karma

As someone who has always been interested in Hindu spiritual discourses, I see myself attracted to discourses by many spiritual people. One such is Poojya Shree Bhupendrabhaiji Pandya

A highly charismatic speaker with excellent command of English, his discourses have been magnetic to me. He integrates simple aspects of daily living with spiritual concepts. A few days back, I had the pleasure of listening to his explanation of the following essential requirements of Spiritual Karma: Proper mindset, Precise goal, Positive attitude (despite adversaries and difficulties), Humility, Faith towards work, Emotional quotient and Intelligent quotient. 

He said that Hanumaanji had all these as well as the most important Spiritual quotient (Devotion to Lord Shree Raam). Hanumaanji is known as the greatest devotee of Lord Shree Raam.   

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