30 September 2015

K-12 Education and M-Governance

Many Indians would have found last week to be very interesting due to our Prime Minister's visit to Ireland and the US.  As some one who literally experienced common folk aspects of Shri Narendra Modi's governance (for example minimum auto-fare of Rs 7 when I worked in Vadodara a few years back), I too like most of my fellow citizens, look forward to a significantly better India in all aspects.

Our PM mentioned about the importance of 'm-governance' in `digital' India. Hope that `m-governance' is implemented in our school education system after thorough quality oriented planning. Of course the project may involve risks. I think that we have to take risks as long as these do not affect children negatively. It is also important that classroom teachers are given importance at all stages of the process. Any experienced educator would know that using mobile phone technology in our classrooms in cost effective manner is not difficult at all today.

From what Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said recently (during his meeting with our PM), I gather that he sees Education as an important area. Hope that all K-12 schools, particularly those in remote areas, benefit from this partnership.  It is after all not only important to aim for `Education for All' but also `Quality Education for All'. This includes all children across barriers and warrants drastic changes in Curriculum, School Governance as well as Stakeholder aspects at diverse angles.        

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