14 May 2012

Plant talent and Principle of Karma

Many of us have seen ants moving in a very orderly manner (which we need to learn).
But many of us don't know facts such as leaf cutter ants can cut through leaves very precisely, bats use ultrasonic waves to  echolocate, plants turn toward the Sun, dolphins communicate with each other by using specific audio patterns and so on.

It is a proven fact that many plants and animals possess talents which we human beings cannot even imagine.

This evening I had the pleasure of reading an article about plants' talents, which I hope you may also like. During my student days (at Vorhees College, Vellore, India), Scientific American used to be one of my most favourite science magazines. The college had a vast collection of such magazines.

Postage stamp issued by INDIA POST on 10 July 2006
Though all animals possess talents, according to Hindu scriptures only human beings can distinguish between right and wrong. (For example, when a tiger hurts an animal, it doesn't know that it is doing something wrong).  This characteristic is reason enough for humans not to commit sin. Theory of Karma reinforces this fact very clearly.

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