14 October 2011

Off the beaten track: Decaying cultural values

"Held for molesting step-daughter: TAMBARAM: Pallavaram police have arrested a 42-year-old man on  charges of molesting his step-daughter.." so goes a news report on page 5 of today's Chennai edition of THE HINDU newspaper.

Such incidents are unfortunately seen to be increasingly common. I just don't understand as to how people can behave so badly. Whenever I happen to see any dad embracing his teenage daughter or any mom embracing her teenage son, I find it indecent. 

There are many ways for parents to express their affection to children.  Whether it is a father who  displays his affection for his daughter or a mother who displays her affection for her son, I think that such a display should never be by hugging or kissing, at least when children attain teenage.  There are several dignified ways of showing affection.

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